Experience the powerful, immersive world of VR imagery


For me, photography has always been a passport to places and experiences I never would have gone to or had otherwise. Just as rewarding is sharing those experiences and places with others through my images. (See About for more.) Eventually I discovered VR imagery. Instead of just showing viewers something through the fixed window of a traditional photo, I could bring them inside a scene far more as if they were there. No longer limited by the image frame you could look anywhere you want, when you want, seeing everything. Nothing is hidden and the image gains far more credibility, believability. You see and understand everything in context.

Add in interactive elements (many of which I had to create), sound, narration and music and you have an even far more powerful experience. 360 Video now adds time and motion. Drop any of this into a VR headset and wow, you can have a profound “you are there” experience. In fact, “Wow. I’ve never seen anything like this,” is still a common response when someone first sees my 360VR work.

If it wasn’t obvious, the world of VR really excites me. It has also proven very effective for my clients. For more than a decade VR has been such an important aspect of my work that it demanded its own website and brand. Learn all about the power of VR and see many acclaimed virtual experiences and tours at Tour de Force 360VR.