Lake Forest Composite
Lake Forest Parts
  • Scouted LaSalle St, heart of Chicago’s financial district, with art director.
  • Decided on elevated, “commanding” viewpoint. The 6th floor balcony of the Rookery building offered a unique location for model.
  • Handled for all permissions and fees.
  • Rookery’s window absolutely could not be opened nor was model allowed on balcony.
  • Rented 150 ft boom lift to serve as stable shooting platform for photographer and AD.
  • Combined different exposures to bring widely varying light levels into balance in post.
  • Activity on the street quickly died before ideal lighting was achieved. Flags had been taken down.
  • Composited flags from early in the shoot plus people and traffic from multiple images to bring street “back to life.”
  • Enhanced Chicago Board of Trade letters so they were readable.
  • Removed distracting dent in balcony railing.
  • Shot model in studio with lighting and perspective to seamlessly blend him into scene. Stylist made sure he looked perfect.
  • Result: a dramatic, effective, believable image that could never have been shot in real life.